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Teens and Young Adults

The teen and early adult years present you with unique joys as well as unique challenges.  It is the time when you decide who you want to be as you transition to becoming an adult, what career path you want to explore and what kind of relationships you want to nurture.  These are huge decisions which can feel exilorating and also overwhelming, but you don't have to figure it out on your own.  


I very much enjoy working with those of you in this phase of life.  My top priority is to offer you a space where you feel safe to explore who you want to be and what you want from your life.  


Individual work is important and your therapy is first and foremost yours alone, however our familial relationshps are ones that have great influence over us so strengthening those bonds (and repairing them when necessary) may also be part of our work.  Therefore, when appropriate and for those who want it, I offer family therapy as well.

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